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If you're living in the US, there's a good chance you're using a phone on one of the four major carriers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Sprint Corporation allowed illegal charges to be added to consumers' wireless bills, a process known as "cramming." The case was filed against Sprint and Verizon who must pay a combined $120 million in refunds and $38 million in penalties and investigative costs.

Although this has led to increased profits, it has also led to the public perception that Sprint cares more about their bottom line than their customers. My experiences starts like all these and has all the similar traits of long wait times, disconnections, poor store customer services, inflexible phone toll free customer service.

In early September 2009, I was astounded by a bill that was way over what I knew it shouldn't have been, because of my 1,000 free minutes that I had not used up. I called, and the conversation with the customer service representative ended up in him laughing at me, because he said my 12 months had passed, but I still had minutes that I could not use.

This was, without a doubt, Sprint's finest customer service moment, which makes my subsequent problems with them—and the reports of forced cancellations for any reason other than verbal abuse—all the more dissapointing. This spectrum will have to be repurposed without service interruption to current customers which will be an expensive and slow affair.

I left Verizon for AT&T due to constant fluctuations in my service contract due to the barrage of fees they tack on. The only reason I would leave my current service provider is due to the promotion, kudos to your marketing team because this is ultimately the goal of any wireless carrier.

I called back got a very rude lady said no one had advised me this and that the lady did not notate the account she put me on hold came back and said she did see it in the account and that it didn't matter because the lady had lied to me and that there was nothing she could do for me I asked to speak to a supervisor she said that there was no higher up and then cold transferred me. I call to get my bill extended every other week because I'm told by customer service reps I have to make the larger amount just to get an extension even with me advising that I'm barely working I always advise the least amount I finally after 3 hours Thomasina helped me I wish she could get acknowledgement for being a outstanding.

The overly aggressive sales staff convinced her to switch plans to some freedom” plan with unlimited data, nd it would only be $160 a month. So many of those U.S. Cellular devices are old or obsolete that it decided to start fresh with phones optimized for Sprint's new Network Vision architecture , which boasts the most Bad customer service up-to-date CDMA and LTE technologies.

Rather, the customers who have a very high number of calls to customer service over a certain period have their files evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and customers who Sprint determines "might be happier with another provider" (her wording) for whatever reason are released from their contracts.

However, I hope that Sprint's management did diligence in an objective way to find out what life really is like to be a customer that can't get resolutions when using Sprint's customer service systems that are in place. We've seen costs rise for some plans from both companies, but their hallmark packages for consumer service tends to stay around the same price over the past few years.

However, Sprint doesn't require credit checks for its prepaid Sprint Forward plans. I decided to switch to Sprint service in March of 2007 because I wanted a Blackberry 8703e for work, and because I assumed that since the two companies had merged, the customer service had improved on Sprint's side.

But it is one that flows out of MOST(not all) customers' choice to go with the lowest price - no matter how bad customer service is. And when the customers choose price over quality(Walmart is a prime example), the companies will usually control costs by cutting customer service(which is expensive due to labor costs).

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